September 15, 2021

Navotas National High School (Philippines) is to take part in a prestigious worldwide celebration of educational achievement and excellence.

Navotas National High School has been chosen as one of 100 schools across the globe to participate in World Education Week. This is a celebration of the work done by schools and education systems in the face of challenges in providing teaching and learning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools selected to participate will share their experiences and expertise gained over this period so that teachers, schools and education systems around the world can emulate these.

The theme of World Education Week 2021, which takes place online from Sunday 3rd October to Friday 8th October, will be ‘School Celebration’. It will comprise 100 events, each aligned to one of ten sub-themes. These are: community partnership and collaboration; innovation; overcoming adversity and building resilience; supporting healthy lives; environmental sustainability; creative approaches to problem-solving;
global citizenship; developing others; inclusion; and student leadership.

Navotas National High School will host a school celebration on October 4, 2021 (5:00PM) – 9:00AM GMT on the theme of Innovation: Overcoming Adversity & Building Resilience; Creative Approaches to Problem Solving; Community Partnership and Collaboration; Developing Others, and Student Leadership.

We are delighted to be sharing our story and experience using the MCART Project, this includes the humble beginnings of NNHS in promoting innovations for the teaching and learning process to inspire other schools about the journey of a public school to excellence.

It is free to attend, as are all events during World Education Week and events will stream in English with live, automated multilingual captions in Arabic, English, Spanish and more. Registration is required. Anyone wishing to attend can register here Navotas National High School ( Events will be hosted on the World Education Week website. Join the conversation online by searching for #WorldEduWeek on social media.

Navotas National High School is proud to be a participant in this amazing World Education Week.
We advocate provision of quality education through cross-curricular integration for academic ease.
Simplify your work! Amplify your impact!

World Education Week provides a platform for schools and education organisations to share their stories of success and to come together to advocate for quality education for all. Schools from every continent will take part and from every phase of education, from kindergarten to secondary schools. It was held for the first time in October 2020 and attended online by 40,000 teachers and educationists.

The event, described as the world’s largest education conference, was founded by Vikas Pota, Founder of T4 Education, an educational leader and entrepreneur, as a
way of supporting teachers and schools by providing them with opportunities to learn from and share experiences with one another. Mr Pota said:

“We congratulate the 100 trailblazing schools from around the world who have been selected to host an event during World Education Week for their educational expertise and celebrate their commitment to sharing openly and freely how they’ve done so at World Education Week. It is our hope that through these 100 celebrations we will inspire other schools with ideas and strategies that have succeeded elsewhere as a
way of helping every learner achieve their potential.”

Please contact Ms. Juriz A. de Mesa or Ms. Eloisa F. Ababat on 82824041 / 82835507 for further information